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圣的生活. 约翰的


New York is just one of the remarkable places the St. 约翰的社区称之为家.




St. John’s is a place where discovery doesn’t stop when class ends. With more than 180 clubs and organizations, 校内的运动, 和活跃的希腊场景, you can always find something to do 在校园.



St. 约翰的提供 12 皇后区校区的餐厅. So, 不管你是挑剔还是吃货, you are never far from a wide range of nutritious and delicious choices for every palette.

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Living 在校园 is both exciting and liberating because you share the experience with new roommates and neighbors. Once you immerse yourself in our tight-knit 校园 community, you find that your residence hall feels less like a dorm, 更像是一个家.


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President’s Society Member Emphasizes Service

“St. John’s University has brought nothing but blessings to my life,凡妮莎·迪亚兹强调道, 布鲁克林, NY, 刑事司法专业. “Here I followed my passion for service to others. St. 约翰的餐厅已经开门了, giving me opportunities related to social justice and advocacy that I wouldn’t have had. The University also brought me back to my roots and opened my eyes to what it means to be Hispanic. 我们的多样性是无与伦比的.”

瓦妮莎·迪亚兹,23岁 莱斯利H. 威廉·L. Collins College of Professional Studies


Service has been the paramount theme of her St. 约翰的经验. Currently, she serves as Co-Vice President of the University’s chapter of the St. 文森特·德保罗协会. She has gone on several Midnight Runs, 还有去丹佛的航班, CO, ministering to underserved communities there.


药学学生学分街. 约翰为他的成功干杯

他选择药剂学有两个原因. An inquisitive child, Joshua always wondered how and why things worked. “Pharmacy allowed me to answer the fascinating questions as to how and why the body works, 以及药物如何发挥作用.”

约书亚·弗莱什曼,23岁 College of Pharmacy and 健康 Sciences


第五年制药.D. 候选人约书亚·弗莱什曼来到圣. John’s University for many reasons: he wanted to attend a school known for excellence both in pharmacy and the liberal arts; a native of Brooklyn and Long Island, NY, he wanted to stay close to his 家庭; and he loved the diversity he found at the Queens, NY, 校园.


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早期行动的终极指南vs. 早期的决定

Selecting a college can be challenging, 但一旦你缩小了选择范围, creating a strategy for submitting your application is crucial. 和标准一起, 定期决策申请流程, 你可以选择另一条路线, 比如早期的决定或行动.

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Diversity: 5 Ways it Boosts 学生的成功

When embarking on your higher education journey, it’s crucial to think about what can help you succeed as a student. Choosing a 校园 that values diversity is one factor that can bring many benefits—not only in college but also in your future career.

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Time away from exams, class syllabuses, and assignments is much needed. It allows everyone—including the professors—to recharge and recover; however, transitioning from a semester break back to class is not easy. 抛掷时间表, 低能级, and poor organizational habits are just a few of the struggles. 幸运的是, there are many ways of combating the first-week dread to lay the groundwork for a successful semester. Here are seven tips for a productive new semester.